Julie Johannes

Julie Johannes is a GoE Professional Member in Minturn, Colorado, United States

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Julie grew up with animals throughout her entire life and knew she had a special relationship with her pets from a very young age.  Her mother would often find her talking to her pets about their problems, adding that “they always seemed comforted by her.” It wasn’t until Julie’s early 30’s that she understood she was sensitive to their energy fields.

Julie began to hone in on the skill of not only recognizing issues in the energy field, but helping the animals work through and release blockages.  “It has been a truly amazing journey these last few years. It doesn’t just affect the animal; it affects the entire household.” Thus Animal Energetics was born.

Julie is a Certified Energy Healer for Animals practitioner accredited by the Guild of Energists in the United Kingdom. She is also certified in canine and feline nutrition, a Reiki Practitioner, and is currently studying to be a Chios Level III Energy Healer.


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